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Six months on, how is your Green Plan coming to life?

It's been six months since the creation of NHS Green Plans and Becky Jones, gbp's Head of CSR & Sustainability, is working with a number of systems providing dedicated expertise to support them on their Green Plan journey.

Becky has seen first hand that whilst the new ways of working are making progress in some areas more than others, progress is still being made. Becky commented:

"As the ICB's are becoming more established and governance within the ICP's and wider ICS's is developing, the Green Plan governance is finding its place within the new ways of working. This will grow and develop as each ICB/ICS reviews its governance processes over the next 12-18 months. The focus remains on embedding the work processes as an overarching system, with delivery at Place, and ensuring sustainability is considered within the decision making processes. Linkages to social value, anchor institutes and reducing health inequalities are stronger in some areas than others, but as things develop, and ICBs, ICP's, and ICS's become more confident, we will see a growing focus on how the Green Plan and sustainability practices are influencing thinking and playing a part in future governance discussions."

How is your Green Plan coming to life and are you happy with progress?

If you need a little extra support, we can help. gbp's tailored Social Value, Sustainability & Carbon Reduction support services have been designed to provide you with dedicated expertise to enable you to make real progress with your Green Plan journey and exceed NHS policy requirements.

Our service is bespoke, working with you in a way that meets your needs. This could be as a series of shorter projects or as longer-term embedded role working within your system, for as long as you need us to be.

Find out more:

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