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Are you under pressure to complete strategies and projects by the end of the financial year? If so, we are here to help.

With the requirement for Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to update their infrastructure strategies by the beginning of next financial year. As well as the annual pressure of delivering capital projects by April, you may find that you are in need of some swift, expert, estates advice and resource.

If you have not worked with gbpartnerships before, or it’s been a while since we’ve spoken, we’d be pleased to hear from you and explore ways in which we can help you and your team in the coming months.

Our experience is trusted by ICS’s and NHS Trusts across the country who we are working with to support their strategic planning and programme / project delivery. For example, we have been working alongside NHS Property Services at Crawley Hospital for many years, as an embedded project management team and most recently, completing a business case for the new Child Development Centre and project managing it to a successful completion at the end of last year. Read more here.

We are also pleased to be supporting Cheshire & Merseyside ICS in the production of its Infrastructure Strategy. Infrastructure planning is fundamental to building a strong and effective ICS and a key enabler for the delivery of high-quality care.

At the heart of any infrastructure plan is the organisation’s estates strategy, but this in isolation is no longer sufficient. It is critical that NHS infrastructure strategies account for the interwoven nature of services, workforce, estates, digital innovation and sustainability.

As such, we have developed an approach to delivering infrastructure strategies which not only aligns with NHSE requirements but is robust and will have a longevity which systems can rely on well into the future. We advise our clients that an infrastructure strategy is only as strong as the building blocks it is based on, most notably the following six aspects:

Core Components of an Infrastructure Strategy

We know the last quarter of the financial year can be particularly hectic, so please do get in touch if you need additional capacity or estates expertise to get projects over the line.

Sam McCumiskey, gbp consult Managing Director.


Find out more about gbpartnerships consult here.

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