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Supporting families in Southampton struggling with the increasing cost of living

gbpartnerships foundation is pleased to have made a donation to the Oasis Community Pantry in Sholing, Southampton. gbp's Estates Manager Rachael Samain put The Pantry forward for a donation having seen the good work it does.

The Oasis Community Pantry is one of a growing number of community food projects across the UK, supplying low cost, high quality surplus food each week to local residents. They have partnered with Sholing Football club and The Big Difference, who work to reduce the amount of food sent to landfill by providing a way to match up surplus, in-date food with individuals and families on low incomes.

The scheme enables families to become members for a weekly fee of £5 to then be able to shop for goods up to £25. Run entirely by volunteers, they currently support over 140 families struggling with the increasing cost of living.

Rachael commented:

"I am in awe of the commitment and energy they provide, working tirelessly to source supplies and support. What struck me was the incredible warmth and community spirit that the pantry provides, with all attending being treated with respect, care, warmth and understanding."

Find out more about The Oasis Community Pantry here.

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