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Supporting more young people in Worthing to be active and get outside.

Like many small community groups, 2nd Durrington Sea Scouts in West Sussex have struggled to generate additional income during the COVID-19 pandemic. With aspirations to replace their ageing fleet of kayaks, fundraising efforts for this essential piece of kit had proved difficult. With a generous donation from the gbpartnerships foundation funding two new kayaks, the Sea Scouts can now start to plan the launch of their new fleet!

2nd Durrington are a Royal Navy recognised Sea Scout Group that caters for approx. 160 children aged 6 – 18 from the Durrington area of Worthing, providing opportunities for fun, adventure, friendship and skills for life. Their fundraising efforts for a fleet of new sea kayaks was brought to the attention of the gbp foundation by gbp Senior Project Manager, Andrew Hemsley. Andrew’s son Charley, is a member of the Sea Scout Group and has experienced first-hand the amazing opportunities that the Group provides to local young people.

As Sea Scouts, they have a particular focus on water activities such as sailing, rafting, bell-boating, power-boating and kayaking. This encourages a sense of adventure, self-confidence and teamwork, as well as an appreciation of our environment and all the physical and mental benefits of being active and outside.

The Scouts current “fleet” of kayaks is approaching 20 years old and, whilst still useful, are quite old-fashioned and bulky. Their plans to buy a new set of kayaks will extend the number of children that can get on the water. Group Scout Leader, Matt Edwards commented:

“We are incredibly thankful to the gbpartnerships foundation for their generous donation that will enable us to purchase two new modern kayaks. These are much lighter, which is safer for the children and leaders moving them around, and also for towing behind a leader on the water, which means we will be able to include a number of our children with physical or learning needs who struggle with the current kayaks.
These kayaks are general use kayaks, which means we can take them on rivers and lakes as well as the sea. With adjustable footrests and seating positions they are flexible enough that we can take a wide range of children from 10 – 18 years old, and the waterproof storage container at the back means that overnight expeditions may be possible, not something we have been able to do before!
We will also be able to extend the number of children that can get on the water encouraging a sense of adventure, self-confidence and teamwork as well as all the physical and mental benefits of being active and outside.”

gbpartnerships is committed to providing funding and support for great causes that are important to the communities in which we work. the gbp team are delivering a number of projects in Worthing and the wider West Sussex area, including: ongoing works at Crawley Hospital, the new Worthing Integrated Care Centre and early-stage planning and project management for a Heat Network with will be installed across Worthing by 2025, with the aim of supporting the Council’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Pictured: Group Scout Leader, Matt Edwards and Andrew Hemsley, gbp senior project Manager

Pictured: example of the sea kayak that will be purchased with the donation from gbp.

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