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Supporting the delivery of a summer activity programme for children in Wolverhampton.

gbpartnerships’ staff volunteering scheme is designed to support and encourage staff to get involved in volunteering in their local communities. Staff have access to four paid days per year to undertake volunteering activities. It is just one of the ways in which the organisation invests in partnerships and relationships that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Group Services Administrator, Rose Taylor, recently used her volunteering days to support the delivery of a 4 day summer activity programme for 30 children aged between 5 and 14 years old and living on an estate in Pendeford, Wolverhampton.

The programme, staffed entirely by volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds including: teachers, NHS staff, Social Care staff, Administrators and Students, provided a much needed safe place where children could socialise, be active and engage in activities which promote their mental and emotional health.

The activity programme - which was free to attend - also provided support for parents and carers who are already stressed with cost-of-living issues.

Rose commented:

“With no other such provision on the estate for children over the summer holidays, they can easily get bored, stay indoors and be very sedentary. The summer activity programme provided a much-needed outlet for these children and also a positive focus given the negative image of the estate following the recent alleged murder of a child.
Activities delivered over the four days included bonding and motivational activities, arts and crafts, outdoor play activities and sports.
Overall, the sessions were really well attended and feedback from the children confirmed that they had a good time, enjoying the activities, food and opportunities for socialising in a safe environment.”

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