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Day 11 on the 15 Days of Christmas Giving: Pendeford bike hub

We are on the home straight to Christmas and the last 5 nominations in our 15 days of Christmas giving. Stay tuned everyday this week to see where the final gbp foundation donations are going this Christmas….


On the 11th day of gbpartnerships’ 15 days of Christmas giving, a donation has been made to Pendeford bike hub, nominated by Rose Taylor, Group Services Administrator. Rose commented on her nomination:

“The bike hub is run at the Pendeford SDA church in the Pendeford area of Wolverhampton and is accessible for all the community. It is a place where people can access affordable bikes, learn how to maintain and repair them, join group rides, participate in social events and also volunteer to help others. It is a fun and sustainable way to promote health , well-being and social inclusion in the area. I am one of the helpers and riders, and to see people of different races, ages and genders learn to ride - from never be able to ride - to becoming professional riders all going out on rides together, shows how much this project is needed in the area.”

Thank you Rose for your nomination, we hope it helps more people to be active and enjoying getting out and about on bikes.

You can find out more about Pendeford bike hub by clicking the link below:

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