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Day 2 of 15 Days of Christmas Giving: St Mark’s Hospital Foundation

We're delighted to announce that the second donation in our 15 days of Christmas giving goes to St Mark’s Hospital Foundation. The charity was nominated by gbp Project Manager, Mags Cahill who has personally benefitted from their work.

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation helps fund innovative research projects undertaken at St Mark’s Hospital. Their mission is to improve the lives of patients affected by complex bowel disease, through research, education, and the dissemination of clinical excellence. St Mark's does not receive NHS funding and is reliant on the generosity of donors.

Mags commented:

“The important work which the Foundation undertake has enabled me to enjoy a better quality of life under the care of St Mark’s, which is The National Bowel Hospital. I am sure that without them, I would not have the same quality of life, and most likely not be here today. They are caring and compassionate about what they do and people travel from all over the country to see them as they are the leading experts in research and treatments. Their research has led to improvements in how bowel disease is monitored and managed.”

Find out more about the work of St Mark’s Hospital Foundation here:

Mag's, thank you for nominating St Mark's, we hope the donation goes a small way to helping improve the lives of people affected by bowel disease.

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