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Do you have PFI contracts due to expire in the next seven years?

Public sector bodies risk underestimating the time, resources and complexity involved in managing the end of PFI contracts, according to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO).

In October 2018 the government announced it would no longer use the PFI model. However, existing PFI contracts remain in place and the earliest ones are now starting to expire. Most PFI contracts result in the assets being returned to the authority once the contract ends.

In the NAO’s report, Local Authorities, Schools and NHS Trusts have been advised to start the planning process on PFI asset handback seven years prior to contract expiry.

gbp has the expertise to help you navigate the process, mitigating risk and minimising the risk of disputes. Here's how we can help:

Dedicated Project Management Office

Our services centre around a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO), acting as a single point of contact and coordinating the specialist workstreams involved in agreeing the roadmap for your handback process. This can include drafting Board papers, reporting on the status of all PFI handback matters, including any other Governance Committee papers that may be required such as the Finance & Audit Committee.

Time Saving, Specialist Procurement Support

With access to a network of specialist PFI and PPP supply chain partners we can fast track procurement, undertaking appointments directly via a framework agreement which has been procured in compliance with the Public Procurement Regulations. This process is quick and delivers value for money.

Alternatively, if the preferred option is to competitively procure all specialist advisors, then gbp’s dedicated Project Management Office can undertake this on the Contracting Authorities behalf or work with the Contracting Authorities own procurement teams.

Click here to find out more about how we can help you.
gbpartnerships provide the key to controlling and mitigating the risks by effectively programme manage and co-ordinate the outputs of discipline specialists, bringing together the law, finance, property, insurance, and risk management aspects of the handback process for you.
Helping you navigate a smooth exit from your PFI contract

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