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Celebrating Volunteers Week: Kevin's Story

Updated: Jun 5

This Volunteers Week we’re sharing volunteering stories from gbpartnerships colleagues across the country.

Thanks to the support of the gbp foundation and our generous policy of 4 paid volunteering days per year, our team members are making a significant impact in various communities. One standout story is that of Kevin Wortley C.I.W.F.M, Estates Manager in the gbp manage team.

Kevin has been an active volunteer with South West Lakes Trust since 2021, where he covers two beautiful sites: Roadford Lake and Meldon Reservoir.

In his role, Kevin conducts quarterly reports to identify invasive species which may be present in and around the lakes. This involves walking the extensive shorelines to spot harmful species like Signal Crayfish, Zebra Mussel, Chinese Mitten Crab, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Water Primrose, Asian Hornet, Rhododendron, Killer Shrimp plus a blue algae which is harmful to dogs.

We are proud of Kevin's commitment and the diverse activities our colleagues engage in to support their communities. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories this week!

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