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Celebrating Volunteers Week. Gemma's Volunteering Journey: Giving Back with Purpose

Gemma Dixon, Part Qualified Management Accountant within the gbpartnerships manage team, has always been one of those people who wanted to give something back and just be doing “more”.

Initially, Gemma utilized her gbp volunteer days to help out at Compton Care on an ad-hoc basis. This experience inspired her to take on a more regular role, and Gemma recently committed to being a weekend volunteer within the Compton Cares main retail site.

Gemma Dixon, Volunteer at Compton Care
Gemma Dixon, Volunteer at Compton Care

Reflecting on her volunteering journey, Gemma said:

"This decision to take on a more regular weekend role with Compton Care felt like a natural progression, allowing me to contribute consistently to an organization that had given us so much during a difficult time. I’ve always had a desire to give back and be actively involved in something meaningful. When my nan was battling Pancreatic Cancer in 2021, Compton Care stepped in and provided incredible support not just to her but to our entire family. The care and compassion they showed left an indelible mark on me, making it obvious to me that I needed to give back to them in some way. Like most roles, no two days are ever the same in my volunteer work. Some days are quiet and relaxed, while others are bustling and fast-paced. Regardless of the day, there’s always a diverse mix of people to interact with, ensuring I never get bored. The variety at Compton Care keeps things interesting and engaging. As a retail volunteer, my tasks include sorting incoming donations, pricing and hanging goods, serving customers at the tills, and ensuring the shop looks welcoming. Additionally, I assist at events throughout the year, helping with registrations and ensuring guests are well taken care of. Each task, no matter how small, contributes to the overall mission of Compton Care. I also volunteer with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), helping out at local events and forming part of their local committee to organise events and be the voice for local members. I’ve also helped out on a few other committees through my studies. I try to do something that’s a bit out of my comfort zone, so all my volunteering provides different skills and experiences. Volunteering has significantly improved my confidence, I’ve learned to adapt to new situations and interact comfortably with different people. The skills I’ve gained span across finance, retail, and hospice care, each providing valuable insights and experiences that I treasure."

Pictured: Top Left: Gemma Dixon. Top Right: Compton Care's main retail site. Bottom Left: Gemma and Eddie the Eagle. Bottom Middle: CIMA NWM Committee. Bottom Right: Gemma and Katie at the Compton Care Golf Day.

Gemma's advice for anyone thinking about volunteering:

"For those considering volunteering for the first time, think about where you want to volunteer. Choose something you’re passionate about, as it makes the experience more enjoyable and sustainable. It doesn’t have to be a charity; local businesses, churches, schools, or animal shelters can all benefit from your help. Many small businesses lack the capacity to employ additional staff and would greatly appreciate even a few hours of your time. Most importantly, just do it! Don’t overthink whether you have the capacity; dive in and get involved. The rewards of volunteering far outweigh any initial hesitation."

We are so proud of Gemma's commitment to volunteering and hope that her story will inspire others to get involved with volunteering. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories this week!

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