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gbpartnerships consult’s Technical Advisory & Delivery Team help actively manage building and site assets to ensure that owners and providers have up-to-date information, accurate analyses, and robust strategies in place.

We help deliver cost-effectively at all stages of your asset life cycle.


Whole-life support for your asset management
and delivery

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Data Gathering & Collation




Construction Monitoring and Reporting

We offer strategic and technical support to service providers and estate teams to:

  • Maintain good accurate information

  • Assess current performance

  • Establish priorities

  • Put robust strategies in place

  • Manage existing estate effectively

  • Plan and execute development effectively and efficiently

Supporting your asset life cycle

Our services cater to your complete asset life cycle; pre-design, design and construction through to operational.

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Our service delivery process is tailored to your needs

  • We ensure that you only engage with design teams when you are ready to give them robust briefs and accurate base information, so that they can work efficiently and effectively.​

  • We help you manage and quality control design teams and specialists from selection through appointment, design development, delivery, and handover of completed assignment/facility.

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Meet the Team


Jonathan Wilson 

Managing Consultant

Team Lead

Jonathan is a Chartered Architect who has worked in lead design and advisory roles in the healthcare sector for over 3 decades. He brings vision and analytical skills to every project, ensuring that the team delivers outstanding products and advice to clients at competitive fees. Jonathan takes a personal interest to every project from inception to completion. 


Joseph Burroughs

Senior Consultant

Project Manager

Joe has 15 years of experience working in the NHS, which has included extensive and varied capital project delivery and senior roles such as head of estate development and head of estate portfolio management.  He brings broad strategic estates skills and recognition of the potential of advanced data analytics in design and the built environment, which has been supported through completion of a BSc in architecture, a MSc in building information modelling and an MSc in real estate management.

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Russel Thompson 

Senior Consultant 

Project Manager

Russ is a Chartered Building Services Engineer who has worked in design and advisory roles in the healthcare and other sectors for over 2 decades. He is a highly experienced project manager with a wide range of analytical and construction management skills. Russ brings huge commitment to every project, ensuring that client requirement are fully delivered within agreed timescales. 


Aamirah Munshi


Project Manager

Aamirah graduated in architecture at Westminster University and has completed an MSc in construction management. She has solid experience of delivering a wide range of projects to our healthcare clients. Her wide skill range includes design, design management, porject management. 

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